Every Foreign Investor is a Honorary Turkish Citizen

Every Foreign Investor is a Honorary Turkish Citizen

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said that his country aims to achieve sustainable development in the country, adding that every foreign investor is a honorary Turkish citizen.

  Davutoglu said in a speech during a meeting of the International Investors Association (YASED), in the Turkish capital, Ankara, that his government had planned well for the next four years, and has taken all necessary measures to improve the investment environment in the country benefiting from political stability.

  The prime minister pointed out that the main objective of the government is to "ensure sustainable development, and contribute to the benefit of all companies in the country of the investment environment," but he also said "we do not consider any capital in Turkey as a foreigner, because any investor is a key element in our economy, which is an honorary citizen for us regardless of the state. "

  He pointed to the importance of political stability in the country, stressing that "the global economic crisis caused a very large effects, and caused the loss of political stability in many countries" and he expressing his happiness on the conviction of the European leaders for the first time the importance of Turkey's to solve some common problems between the two sides and that can not be solved without contribution with Ankara.

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