Meeting of Determination High investment Alhmm owners

Meeting of Determination High investment Alhmm owners

The idea of ​​the meeting was to ask the real estate portfolio project is a project by a large count of thinkers and ambitious investment where you can invest any capital no matter how small or large development of a short or permanent period by rotating the capital that makes you the owner of a property in Turkey and investor powerful than nominate you to apply to you naturalization and permanent residence that is now considered the laws and rules of ownership and investment within the country.

Organizers of the project:

  • Professor / Mohammed Abu Ezz, general manager of Owens Realty Real Estate.
  • Engineer / Ghadeer Anzi CEO Owens Realty Real Estate.
  • Dr. / Abdullah Faraj, investor, businessman and president of the Assembly of the Arabic language in Turkey.
  • Turkish businessman / Mohammed Bljugi.
  • Economic Adviser Professor / Ahmed Sharif.
  • Legal Adviser Mr. / Hassan Sherritt.

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